Current status: Busy, but looking for work!

I have a lot on my plate at the moment, a breif description of which is down below. However I am looking for part-time web-dev work to squeeze in and do remotely, in order to keep me fed and keep the lights on! If anbody has any leads or wishes to chat about projects, drop me a line at

First on my todo list that I’ve just embarked upon, is my final year project at Aberystwyth University. This dissertation is to produce and possibly implement a major piece of techincal work, and write a report to the tune of 15-20,000 words to go alongside it.

My dissertation is AWESOME, or *”Aberystwyth Web Evaluation Surveys Of Module Experiences*“… It’s pretty awesome! It aims to solve the problems faced when collecting module feedback at universities including low student response rates, poor UI/UX and student anonymity.

So that’s currently an ongoing project, and you can read more about my process at the devblog over at

AWESOME Repository

Additionally, I have been thinking about finally updating TF2Dingalings, which has been in stasis for over a year. That is now also an ongoing project, little of which is public at the minute.


As well as those, there are also numerous tiny side projects to distract me from my actual work. I’m really into graphical stuff at the minute. Being able to code something interactive and visually pretty is quite amazing. Check out my recent WebGL Orrery/Solar System for a nice example!

WebGL Orrery

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